HiStory Thru The Ages

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The Pony Express Romance Collection - where love and history meet along the trail

Barbour Books, 2017

The Physics of Love: where the past, the present, and the future collide

PLS Bookworks 2016

A woman considered unredeemable, a boy-child looking for love and family, and the man who found both. Enjoy this compelling tale based on a true story, set in Newfoundland during the 1930s and 1940s.

Broken Dreams, Mended Family: 21 days to the family you've always wanted

PLS Bookworks, 2016

Whether you are currently enjoying good family relationships or feel there is something missing, this book can help you strengthen and improve how your family connects and influences others.

Broken Dreams, Mended Heart: 21 days to the spiritual healing you've always wanted

PLS Bookworks, 2016

No matter where you are on your faith journey, spending the next three weeks in developing new habits and breaking old ones will catapult you toward deeper intimacy with God and with others.Click here for free preview!

Broken Dreams, Mended Marriage: 21 days to the marriage you've always wanted

PLS Bookworks, 2016

The best time to fix your marriage is before it's broken. Spend the next three weeks repairing, rebuilding, and renewing your marriage vows. Click here for free preview!

Second Chances and Second Cups

PLS Bookworks, 2015

Sweet stories of second chances from a second-chance God, these stories reach into the heart with tales of forgiveness, reconciliation, rebirth, new purpose, new life, and forever families. Click here for free preview!

Nuggets of Writing Gold

PLS Bookworks, 2015

A compilation of essays and articles on the writing life and craft, including conferences, editing, research, and much more. Click here for free preview!

I Do --- Again

PLS Bookworks, 2016

A 30-day devotional for couples in their second or subsequent marriage. Includes such timely topics as blending families, money matters, intimacy issues, and choosing what to keep. Timely topics for today's believers. Click here for free preview!

Quiet Moments Alone with God

Baker Books, 2006

180 devotionals in a gift book format; More than 25,000 copies sold

100 Answers to 100 Questions About Loving Your Husband

Strang Communications, 2008

A devotional-style Q&A for topics such as finances, family, and intimacy, designed to provide information and suggestions for wives to apply in their marriage; more than 6,000 copies sold

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