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Heart of Honor series

In "Counterfeit Honor", the story opens in Denver in 1956, with Arthur Crawford preparing to assassinate the Democratic Presidential candidate just weeks before the election. Follow the cop who has been charged with protecting Public Enemy Number 1 and the lady journalist intent on making a name for herself in the male-dominated newspaper business. Throw in a DA whose only goal is to get elected to the governor's office along with the Denver mob, and the resulting mix will keep you up late.

In "Honor Denied", our cop finds himself demoted and back on the beat. A series of violent robberies leaves the City of Denver shaken to its core, and the public demands the police solve the problem. When suspicion is cast on a our cop once more, he must prove once again that he is a man of honor.

"Denied Liability" opens with the mayor of Denver dead in a prostitute's bedroom, apparently of a heart attack. However, the coroner confirms this was no ordinary cardiac arrest -- the mayor was poisoned. The deaths of other members of the city council under bizarre and embarrassing circumstances creates a panic in the city. Our cop must risk losing the woman he loves as he seeks the truth behind the murders in order to protect the city and maintain law and order.

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