Words that paint pictures. Pictures that tell stories. Stories that change hearts.

Editing, Proofreading, Critiquing Services: My goal in working with you on your manuscript is to provide feedback that will not only make your story better but will also provide explanations and suggestions so that you can learn how to apply these suggestions to your future writing.

In other words, I don't just fix your work; I show you how to write better.

I facilitate a critique group, and I have judged in a number of contests including ACFW First Impressions, Genesis, and Carol Awards. In addition, I recently taught an ACFW online course on Subplots That Won't Sink Your Story.

If you need editing, proofreading, or critiquing services for projects of any length, I am available.

For book-length projects, I offer a free sample of my work by proofing either a full length synopsis or first chapter. The choice is yours. Then I will provide an estimate. Click here to email me.

Ghostwriting Services: I am available to write your book for you. I will spell out the details of our agreement in a contract form; I will take whatever you have now, including journals, notes, research, or just an idea; and I will turn that into a book for you that will sound as if you wrote it yourself.

I write fiction and non-fiction, told from a Christian worldview with your choice of the level of overt Christianity.

I have written several work-for-hire books, working with the "author" and meeting all deadlines.

Contact me to discuss timelines, ideas, and costs. 

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