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Independence Quilts series

Two memory quilts, extremely rare and one-of-a-kind, serve as the link between three generations of women in the Riverton family. One quilt holds a mystery, and one contains a secret. Three women search for an answer to the curse dogging the men these women love. This same curse also threatens future Riverton generations. Will they be able to free their family of the generational curse that follows them, or will they be forced to live forever in the shadow of a lie?

One Moment in Time -- a time-travel saga where a woman from the present meets a cowboy from the past in the mountains of Colorado. Both are hunted, both are running, and they must stick together if they want to survive.

The Puzzle Box -- lost love letter, lost love. Follow the journey of two lovers separated by their pride and a war. Can they overcome both, or will their love be forever relegated to the past?

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