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The Boxelder Ranch series

Set in northeastern Colorado in 1948, join Betsy Rollins, third generation rancher, as she fights to protect the three things most precious to her: her faith, her reputation, and her sense of justice.  Forced to choose between her family ranch and her career as Clerk of the District Court upon the death of her two bachelor brothers, Betsy chooses to maintain her ties with the land. Just five years from retirement, fifty-something Betsy has no intentions of sitting around, waiting to die, which is bad news for several parties who would rather she did.

Book 1: Hotshot

A body, a land fight, a false accusation, and a hotshot new sheriff in town cause Betsy no end of grief when she is suspected of killing the man who has been trying to fain control of her land through extravagant offers to purchase, sabotage, and blackmail. But Betsy is no pushover, as the sheriff soon learns, when she sets out to prove her innocence by identifying the killer. However, her resolve is tested when, besides herself, the other prime suspects are her best friend and her beau.

Book 2: The Bullets Flew

Betsy and the new sheriff team up to investigate the theft of guns from a train which never stopped from the time it left Kansas City until it arrived in Fort Rollins, Colorado. Conflicting evidence and confusing descriptions create a web of deceit, threatening both the resolution of the case and the lives of Betsy and the sheriff.

Book 3: Body of Evidence

Her reputation as an outstanding detective sealed during the previous two cases she worked on with the sheriff, Betsy steps in to fill his shoes when he disappears while responding to a report of a suspicious body. However, her sleuthing skills -- and her reputation -- are questioned when she cannot locate either the sheriff or the body.

A Deere Farm Thanksgiving

Following a road trip to a law enforcement convention, Betsy, Ted, and Sheriff Thompson make a three-hundred-mile detour, at Betsy's request, to view the famous Deere Farm. The tribute to John Deere tractors features eleven specimens planted nose down in the ground. Unfortunately for Betsy and her friends, the display has been increased in size -- by one dead body. Join Betsy as she investigates and solves this tongue-in-cheek Thanksgiving Day murder, proving once again she is one tough old bird.

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