Words that paint pictures. Pictures that tell stories. Stories that change hearts.

Beginning January 1st, 2022, I am consolidating my writing and social media under my Author Name of Donna Schlachter, so please head over to my new website: www.DonnaSchlachter.com

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From now on, I will write contemporary and historical under my own name. All stories will be clean and sweet--the only difference will be the time period the stories are set in.


Hello and welcome to my site! I'm Donna Schlachter, and I'm so glad you stopped by to visit. I am a writer, speaker, editor, and woman of God, in addition to being a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, and aunt.

Now, about my little corner of the internet: I call my site HiStoryThruTheAges because I believe the only stories worth telling are His stories. I figure if the reader can't see God at work in the story in a way that can be translated into their own life, then I have failed.

This site celebrates the things that unite us, define us, and propel us forward.

At the very root of it all, we share the same story, you and me. 

Just as every book has a beginning, a middle, and an end, so does our story.

Our beginning is our need for redemption, reconciliation, and rebirth.

The middle is what we do when that initial need is met.

And the end is where we go when our journey here is complete.

Join me as we explore history through the ages, from the beginning, through the middle, and to the conclusion, in the form of historical suspense and historical romance, written with a Christian worldview. No preaching. No lectures. Just good, old-fashioned storytelling meant to educate, entertain, and enlighten.

I am represented by Terrie Wolf of AKA Literary Agency: akalm.net

Terrie is an inspiration to me, sometimes forcing me to dig deeper than I really want to go, but in the end, the story is always better.

If you're an editor interested in my pre-published works, please contact her: info@akalm.net or 719-368-6390